A Handful of the Most Scenic Hikes in and Around Los Angeles

Solstice Canyon pic

Solstice Canyon
Image: nps.gov

Concert pianist Tunde Krasznai took part in the Music Outreach Program at UCLA while studying for her second master’s degree at the institution. The program allows the university to send musicians to senior centers, schools, and other institutions, and perform for groups and individuals who may not have the chance to hear live music otherwise. Recreationally, Tunde Krasznai enjoys keeping active by bicycling and hiking.

Los Angeles hosts a number of trails, such as Solstice Canyon, which is popular because you can view waterfalls if the weather is not too dry. Over the course of the hike, you will also see the remains of Tropical Terrace, once thought to be the oldest building in Malibu. Going up the Rising Sun Trail to the Solstice Canyon Trail and then back along the TRW Trail covers about six miles.

Another classic Los Angeles hike, Wisdom Tree and Cahuenga Peak measures only about three miles. It features an interesting view of the back of the Hollywood sign and a geocaching box found at the base of the Wisdom Tree, a singular survival of wildfire on the top of Burbank Peak.

Film and television fans should spend some time on the Malibu Creek State Park hike, which is where parts of South Pacific and M*A*S*H were filmed. You can still see rusted Jeeps and other artifacts scattered about. The trail is flat and about five miles long.


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