Benefits of Meditation

Meditation pic


An accomplished concert pianist and Fulbright scholar, Tunde Krasznai recently earned a second master’s degree from UCLA, where she participated in the Gluck Outreach Program, providing music therapy to a wide range of patients. In her leisure time, Tunde Krasznai practices meditation.

There are many mental, emotional, and health benefits associated with meditation. The practice itself creates an overarching sense of relaxation during the session, but the benefits offered to the body and mind can last long after that.

Meditation is a great way to focus the mind and clear it of distracting or troubling thoughts. By creating this avenue of self-awareness and exploration, one can learn to see situations in new ways and deal with stress more positively. It also helps one cope with negative emotional situations.

Some research indicates that meditation may have an impact on physical health as well. Studies show that the practice can lower blood pressure, alleviate issues with irritable bowel syndrome, and help in the management of acute onset of ulcerative colitis. Meditation has also been shown to have a positive benefit among people with insomnia.


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