Music Therapy at Mattel Children’s Hospital

University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)

Celebrated pianist, music teacher, and music therapist Tunde Krasznai’s work has taken her around the world. After completing her first master’s degree in performance, piano, and music education at Budapest’s Franz Liszt Academy of Music, Tunde Krasznai went on to win a full Fulbright scholarship used toward a second master’s degree in music education and music therapy from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).

UCLA’s Mattel Children’s Hospital provides a complimentary music therapy program for families receiving care. Administering therapists wheel instruments and recording software through the hospital as a part of the hospital’s Music Rx program. This system enables therapists to offer patients individualized support.

Hospital settings can cause children stress, but music therapy programs have shown positive results in reducing these young patients’ pain and strengthening family bonds while in the hospital. They can also help kids better express themselves, lessen stress and anxiety, and their hospital stays more comfortable. Kids don’t need any musical knowledge to participate in the therapy and gain benefits. Depending on the child’s needs, music therapy can include listening, music lessons, or therapeutic techniques of self-expression, like creating a timeline of one’s life through music.


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