About Tunde Krasznai of UCLA

Tunde Krasznai UCLATunde Krasznai is a pianist, Fulbright Scholar, and a recent graduate of UCLA, where she earned a masters in music, performance, and music therapy in 2015. While studying at UCLA, she served as a teaching associate for a range of undergraduate arts courses, leading sections of up to 70 students studying music from the classical and romantic period up to contemporary music. Alongside her most recent degree, Tunde Krasznai holds a masters in music therapy and piano performance from the Liszt Academy Budapest, and a performance certificate from Montclair State University.

Born in Klausenburg, Transylvania, Ms. Krasznai began her career as a pianist studying with Papp Tabor at the Sigismund Toduta Liceul De Muzica in her home city. She went on to attend the Wiener Leo Conservatory of Music in Budapest where she studied under Dr. Entzné Tőkés Emese. Over her career, she has performed across Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Asia, and has won multiple awards for her musical prowess.

In her spare time, Ms. Krasznai enjoys hiking, and spending time alone with a good philosophical text. She also enjoys cooking with her friends, and sharing meals with the people she loves.