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The Liszt Academy in Budapest, Hungary

Liszt Academy pic

Liszt Academy

A concert pianist who has traveled throughout the world, Tunde Krasznai attended UCLA on a Fulbright Scholarship. There, she pursued studies in music performance and music therapy. During her time at UCLA, Tunde Krasznai also worked as a teaching associate in classes covering music, the arts, and architecture. Prior to her time at UCLA, Ms. Krasznai studied at the Liszt Academy in Budapest, Hungary.

The Liszt Academy was founded by Franz Liszt in 1875. The piano virtuoso is well known for also having been a talented composer, conductor, author, teacher, and philanthropist. The institution continues to adhere to Liszt’s belief that gifted musicians should use those gifts for the benefit of humanity. In an effort to nurture genuine talent, world-renowned musicians such as Zoltan Kodaly, Bela Bartok, and Zoltan Kocsis were invited to teach at the academy. More than 140 years later, students at the Liszt Academy continue to be taught with a unique Hungarian style that prizes individualized, one-on-one instruction. Degrees are offered in all classical instruments, singing and opera, jazz, folk music, conducting, and composition.

Located in beautiful, ancient Budapest, much of the school is housed in a stunning example of art nouveau architecture built at the turn of the century. The building recently underwent an extensive renovation, which prepared it to host a large number of the school’s performances.